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Saturday, June 7, 2008

I love Easter Music all year; it reminds me of the events over 2,000 years ago....

The truth within the rose; the promise of spring, and Christ's rebirth. Enjoy the music; whatever your faith, the music reaches beyond on beliefs.



Thank you for the many kind e-mails these past months about the simplicity of this blog and the beauty of the music.

Happy Easter - 2009!


Another Easter - 2010. I few people asked me why I took a picture of this particular rose since it wasn't 'perfect'.

Well, I tend to see the beauty in imperfections because they add depth; shadow, and are beautiful in their own way.

My son sent me a story; about 2 crock pots used to carry water to and from a small hut. One of the crocks was cracked; it leaked, and didn't deliver as much water to the hut for the family.

However, it leaked along the side of the road; it nourished the tiny flowers that tried to grow there, and they flourished because of it.

So, let's make every effort count; let's see the beauty in everything, and when you see it in your heart and mind, it becomes a reality!